Welcome to First Christian Church of Pasadena! Would you like to know a little bit about us? Well…

We are a friendly church! We guarantee you will not feel like a stranger! Those who have joined our congregation say that they immediately felt like “a part of the family.”

We are a busy church! We believe that God not only wants people to go to church, but God wants the church to go to people! We are active in local, regional and national outreach programs!

We are a Bible-based church! We believe the Bible guides us in everyday life. We are a church that seeks to find God’s truth and reflect that truth in all we do and say!

We are a “We Can Make A Difference” Church! We believe that Jesus created the church to make a difference in the community and world. With God’s guidance, our ministry is able to touch lives and nurture spirits.

We are an Evangelistic church! Jesus’ words to “Go and make disciples of all nations” gives direction to our work. We seek to spread the “Good News” of God’s love through our words and actions.

If this sounds like the church family you are looking for, then we invite you to come and grow with us!

We as a family of Christ want to let everyone know that we are taking the precautions seriously over the COVID-19 situation.  In the newsletter section you will find what we are doing as a congregation to continue to meet together and also keep social distance an self quarantine.

2 Responses to About

  1. Susan Priel says:

    I attended a small church in OK. FirstChristian Church of Thomas in Thomas, OK. I was very active in the congregation. It was small…between 75-100. I have recently moved to the Friendswood area and am looking for a church home where it feels like family. My ONE BIG obstacle is…..I have NO transportation of my own. Would you be able to help?

  2. Beverly (Candy) Turner Mullins says:

    My Brother and I grew up in this
    Church, from 1950 to 1973 when at time the church was on Tarter. Our Mother attended until she passed away in 1990. I feel so Blessed to have the foundation I need for the rest of my life with Jesus guiding my way. My Parents made sure they found the right place for us with Jesus’s guidance. Some day when we come down for a visit I would like to return for a visit.

    God Bless, Beverly Turner Mullins

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